Artist Statement

The study of clay encompasses the study of ancient civilizations, as clay has been used in all cultures in functional as well as figurative forms. One of the core aspects of working with clay is to “center” on the wheel, and the use of rounded, or circular shapes.

Melody Lane

Many cultures have expanded the idea of centering with their use of mandalas. Mandalas, an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “circle, or center point”, are historically interpreted as a symbol for God, the Universe, totality or wholeness, from which all energy and life begins; Hindus with chakras, American Indians with sand paintings, Christians with rose windows, etc. My aim is to bring the motifs of ancient cultures into a contemporary form.

My art encompasses clay and glass, combining earth and fire. I follow an ancient process that involves painting in terra sigillata, burnishing, smoking, carbon wash, and waxing. The final result yields objects with a distinct, hand-made feel, whose core elements (earth and fire) are emphasized in the design. The mandalas are alive in the moment, as sunlight passes through the stained glass, the colors and shadows change with the cycles of the day.

~Melody Lane